Estate Planning

Serlin, Trivax & Associates, PC is committed to helping Michigan individuals and families plan for their future. We understand that each family is unique and that estate planning is more than a set of instructions that tells the government who your property should go to after your death. Our Estate planning is the process is designed to understand your unique situation and goals and create a plan to pass your wealth, wisdom and values to your loved ones in the most efficient way possible.

By working with our law firm you can be confident that your estate plan will be current, take advantage of the latest planning opportunities, and address your goals using an approach that makes sense to you and a strategy that you can be confident in.

Through experience, we have developed a process that takes the time to understand your unique goals and concerns, the unique dynamics of your family, and your goals for your family’s future. Once we listen and understand your goals, a typically estate plan includes a Revocable Living Trust, Pour Over Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directive to document our clients’ wishes.

Whether you are looking to create your estate plan for the first time or to update your existing plan, we can help you create your comprehensive and personalized estate plan, providing you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. Contact us today to begin planning for your future.

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Family Law

If you are going through a divorce, child custody battle or a related issue, it can be a draining and lonely experience. At ST&A we are strong advocates for our clients in contested and uncontested divorce, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, equitable distribution of assets, maintenance (also known as spousal support or alimony), post-judgment modification and enforcement, child support, custody and visitation.

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Corporate & Employment Law

The business you’ve built, or the next one you’re going to build, needs to be built for success: not just for today, but well into the future. At ST&A, we the time to get to know your industry, your business plan, your growth plans, and then we design and implement a legal and operating environment to set you up for success.

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Special Needs Planning

Serlin, Trivax & Associates, PC has experience serving families with a special needs loved one. Because of the complex rules that need to be met in order to take advantage of public benefits, providing for a loved one with special needs can be challenging. Most families are unaware of the options available to them. For instance, one common planning technique for children is to name them as a beneficiary of an inheritance. If a child with special needs receives an inheritance like savings accounts, investments, retirement plan benefits, an insurance policy or annuity they will likely have a reduction or elimination of public benefits. In an attempt to avoid making a financial mistake, some parents make the difficult decision to disinherit their special needs children.

Working with our law firm can solve this problem. Our firm has experience working with parents and grandparents to create a Special Needs Trust. A Special Needs Trust is a Trust created by our firm that allows a parent or grandparent to transfer assets into the trust for the benefit of the special needs loved one. As long as specific provisions are drafted into the document, the assets transferred into the Special Needs Trust can be used to provide for the needs of your loved one while allowing them to maintain their governmental benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security and Medicaid.

Contact us today to learn the best way to provide for and protect your loved ones with special needs.

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General Healthcare Counsel & Stark Laws

Healthcare today is regulated by an “alphabet soup” of agencies enforcing an endless list of laws and regulations. For more than 30 years our attorneys have advised medical groups, physician organizations, and individual practitioners on the legal intricacies of medical practice.

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Trust & Estate Litigation

ST&A’s trust and estate litigation attorneys combine in-depth understanding of trust and estate law with decades of experience in litigation procedure and tactics, much of which is unique to trust and estate disputes. The end result is a more expert, more efficient and more responsive advocate. 

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Probate, Trust & Estate Administration


Probate in state is a court-supervised process for distributing assets according to a person’s will. During Probate an executor is named, the debts of a deceased person are identified and paid, and the estate assets are distributed to the beneficiaries of a person’s estate.

 Probate attorney Serlin, Trivax & Associates, PC assists executors providing valuable guidance during each phase of the probate process. 

  • Review of the executed will
  • Gathering and valuing all assets of the estate
  • Identifying beneficiaries
  • Explanation of executor’s responsibilities
  • Estate tax analysis
  • Collection of death benefits
  • Creation of sub-trusts
  • Preparation of Probate Court documents

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Trust & Estate Administration

Revocable living trust planning is the process of designing a plan for leaving your estate to loved ones in the most efficient way possible. Estate administration is the final step of this efficient process. 

The process begins with an event that triggers a provision in your revocable living trust based estate plan, such as incapacity or death. Estate administration provides for the successor trustees you designated in your trust to step into action and execute according to your instructions. 

The estate administration process carries a lot of responsibilities. We assist successor trustees: 

  • Explanation of trustee’s responsibilities
  • Identifying trust assets
  • Funding of sub-trusts
  • Distributing trust assets to trust beneficiaries

We can help guide your loved ones through the process as sensitively and completely as possible, and will try to make it as straightforward and efficient as possible.

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Asset Protection Planning

It’s no secret that we live in an extremely litigious society. The legal system is set up in a way that makes it easy to sue with no risk to plaintiffs. We design and implement strategies that provide security and preserve assets for future generations.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Life after an unfortunate injury can be difficult and unsettling. Our attorneys at ST&A are here to support you and your family every step of the way. We genuinely care about and have empathy for the people who seek our help. We respect our clients and do our best to protect, guide, and empower them. Regardless of your circumstances, you need a capable attorney to represent your interests and get you the compensation you deserve.

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